Saturday, August 30, 2008

I take my fun very seriously

While in SC we hit up a local fair/ carnival type thing. My mom being the daredevil she is not was kind enough to give Sammy her all access bracelet and thus the fun rides began. First the boys went on the train. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but Sam REALLY liked it :)

He then made an ADORABLE friend named Ali. They babbled while going around the Ferris wheel. She was sooo darn cute and had a little southern accent. Sam must have said good bye to her a hundred times. Chris teased that this was Summer love '08. (he had a fling in Spain with an adorable little girl... they held hands in the park but it just wasn't meant to be) We moved on to the helicopters and space ships.

Then the trucks. Oh the trucks. Sam took his truck driving very seriously. As there were no lines he took a turn riding in every single truck.

The next ride was a really weird one that went fast only around the corners so the kids were whipped and smashed into the sides of the cars. I don't know if he really liked it or not but there was no second trip on this one.

The whole family then took a trip around the merry go round.Liam loved it.

I think Sam was a little underwhelmed.

Although he enjoyed poking the horses mouth pretending his finger was a carrot. If it had been a real horse he would have been crying.

Apparently his irrational fear of cats has now come to included horses as well. There were several fun rides for adults including the slingshot. I really don't like plummeting to the earth so I sat this one out at first. Claire and Chris were brave enough to check it out.

Sam really had a wonderful time. Thanks mom and dad! It also tuckered them right out so after baths they zonked. My mom stayed home so that my dad, Claire and Chris and I could head back and go on the adult rides. As I climbed into the white wooden roller coaster I literally thought hmmm maybe Chris should wait so that when I am inevitably killed on this rickety old roller coaster our children still have one parent. The thing came flying off the track more than one time and I still have a back ache. I did eventually go on the slingshot and survived. I also went on the swings and have not be that scared in a long time. As I flew over the bumper cars I thought to myself "if this thin chain snaps I hope it happens while I am over a roof so it will break my fall". I am really a kill joy at carnivals it would seem.