Friday, August 8, 2008

Old Friends Making New Memories

Christopher needed to do a few more Drill weekends up in DC before wrapping up his military career. I decided to spend the first night down here cleaning our sorely neglected house and then head up and spend the night with our wonderful friend Kerstin. We were also VERY excited to meet up with our "3L" friends the Neilsons who had moved up from Florida!

They were gracious enough to find a good place for us to eat with four kids-- the Mall! We went to Tyson's Corner! It turned out fabulous because I got my fill of perusing but not purchasing at some of my fav stores: H&M Ruehl (their catalog is appalling!) and Janie and Jack. I had to catch the enthusiasm of the boys as we shopped around.

It really was perfect though, the boys went crazy (they played wonderful together!)while we were able to talk and talk and talk!

It was so nice to spend the evening with the Neilsons again they are such a wonderful family!