Thursday, October 30, 2008

Champange Taste in a Beer Bottle Budget

(don't get sick yet Chris!) In thinking about our Christmas cards I got all excited thinking about family pictures. I LOVE family pictures. I was contemplating outfits (because I am seriously that deranged) and decided that as I will be surrounded by men this year I want to look super girly. Now my dad always told me I had Champagne Taste with a beer bottle budget. This is SOOOOOO ridiculously true and as I thought about the dress that I have been drooling over for little over a year now, the point really hit home. Of course it is Shabby Apple so it's fabulous. (its called the Yorkshire-- hello that says it all!)
ANYWAY due to our currently poverty thanks to schooling I was wondering if any of you awesome buddies have seen a similar and far more affordable little number? Or maybe a pattern that is similar. As Style Picnic is no longer in commission (so bummed Elizabeth) I figure this may be the best way I get something good. Think fall, think warmish and think super girly! Alright.... GOOOOOO team!
UPDATE: Awesome Dad read the post and spoiled his middle child! Wooo hooo! Thank you dad it is more amazing in real life~


Anonymous said...

I want to do the Christmas card thing? Here is my email address I saw one I like but i want to look further. So, basically I just have to pay for the finished product? I still love your blog even though we dont have one anymore.
Natalie Tillmann
send me an email explaining what I need to do!

Heidi said...

check out little green notebook on my blog - pick her brain as well.

Kristin said...

Okay, so I've totally had my eye on that one too, I love it!! I've been hoping that it might go on sale, but I don't think it's going to happen :( so I live vicariously through Lucy. Spending $40 on a shabby apple dress for Lucy is a lot easier for myself to justify than $100 on me. Wes doesn't seem to agree with me though :)