Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In the sky its a bird-- its a plane no its super sam!

My Nephews Derek and Dallin (twin boys how cute is that) had these cool reversible capes growing up. On one side it was Batman and on the other Superman. Well I thought it is high time for Sammy to be getting into something besides trains so I got down to work and made he and his friend Fischer Capes! So far he always wants the superman showing... I mean how cool is it to fly. Actually it is probably due more to the fact that two of his favorite characters (Lenny from Wonder Pets and Wyatt from Super Why wear blue capes--- I swear my child does not sit and watch TV all day I have just been trying to introduce something other than Thomas!) I couldn't get him to hold still for even a second to take a good picture so these are pretty sad, but it's fun to have him run up to me and ask for his cape. I found the symbols online and cut them out of felt so I don't know how long they will last with rough boy play :)