Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Battle of the bluge... or wait the bunker... no its a crater

Chris has always wanted to visit the site of the Battle of the Crater. It is where the north thought up the brilliant plan of digging a huge tunnel over to the Souths side, ramming it full of explosives and lighting it. Well oddly enough it didn't end well. There is a huge crater in the earth that you can go stare at and day dream about a bunch of guys a hundred years ago standing around talking about what a great plan this was.
The boys enjoyed riding on the canons! We then went down and saw a ginormous canon who's purpose in life was to annoy the people of Richmond. The sign literally said "the towns people quickly became accustom to the lobbying of shells."

Who gets used to that :)

The boys were made official junior rangers, I of course died and Chris made fun of me!
Their gift shop was full of fun things to try on.
The northern soldier seems less than enthused! Sam was so bored on the way home that he began demolishing his piggly wiggly water bottle and eating the wrapping.
Well that is one more civil war site to scratch off the list :)