Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alola Festival

Chris and I had a fantastic "day date" today. We left all the kiddos at home and headed to the Alola (not Aloha) festival. Every Easter USAID sponsors a festival where all the local vendors can come and sell their products. I was REALLY wanting to purchase some baskets for Abbys changing table that we had made (Che Che's husband is a carpenter and I gave him a picture of a Pottery Barn bench but no dimensions, it turned out gorgeous but WAY to big so now it is Abby's changing table). Chris warned me not to get my hopes up to high, I had mentioned once or twice a day how excited I was. It turned out to be okay. Some of the products were so cool. For instance these hand made goggles:
Spear fishing is HUGE here so these goggles really help the locals when they fish. I am KICKING myself for not getting a pair. The problem was a friend of mine had just purchased a pair for her little boy Hugo and told me that they were 2 dollars. When I went to buy a pair they said they were ten dollars! Grrrr so as my Dad would say I cut off my nose to spite my face and didn't buy them. Totally regret it. We contemplated buying Sam and Liam one of these huge "crocidaddles' as they call them
We decided that it might be a little scary if they woke up in the night and saw it in their room. When I was little at night I would be scared to put my foot on the ground for fear there was an alligator under my bed... because they abound in southern California.
I am thinking I will end up getting Abby one of these cute dolls for her eventual dolly collection
These little boys kept jumping up and flashing whatever gang sign this is in front of my camera. They loved when I showed them the picture on my LCD screen.
We did end up buying A LOT of their wind chime type decorations. One for each of Christopher's sisters and a few for friends. They are made from local palm fronds and are so intricate.
I also purchased a gorgeous clay luminary and Chris and I were both excited about the little clay piggy bank... although there is no hole in the bottom so we are really going to have to be in dire straights to get the money out. We were only there for a half hour or so and had planned on being gone for hours. Chris decided to indulge me and we drove around the city taking TONS of pictures of things I had wanted to capture but couldn't with kiddos. But that is for the next post! ohhh what a teaser I am :)


Chow and Russ said...

Those windchimes are beautiful!