Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Urban Chic

If you are not into Urban photography please disregard this post.
As previously mentioned, Dili is a haven for those who like the "edgy" look to their photography. Or, juxtaposing adorable children with ghetto backgrounds-- that sounds really weird on paper... anyway as we drove around I snapped just a few pictures of places I would do shoots (now this backdrop is NOT for everyone and is probably just a fade in the photography world- but still).
(I like the turquoise with the brick)
(If your into old trucks... that have huts on the back?)
Cool old doors with lots of texture:
Interesting gates and walls are in abundance:
I just liked the colors of the wall and gate
Pretty much ever other house is abandoned or being rebuilt...
If you would like a more classic background, we have amazing trees, beaches, piers and lighthouses:
Apparently there is a house around the corner from us that has completely wallpapered the OUTSIDE of their home... I am dying to see it. Hopefully this weekend...
Dili has it all... just no movie theaters, malls, targets, fast food, good pizza, craft stores, costcos... oh I'm sorry am I rambling?


Leah Miller said...

WOW!! Amazing locations. I'd be in heaven there.

Patty Girl said...

It is like everywhere is suppose to be a backdrop but just unintentionally! You have found some really cool locations. You must be dying to get out there. I can't wait to see your photo shoots with all of them are your scenery.

Cady said...

cool spots! how did you train your eye to see these neat places?

Jan said...

Great posts again Kelly. You always have the most interesting stories to go with your pictures. The fruit and vegetables look wonderful. You'll have to find a friend to go shopping with and then you will be comfortable shopping in town. Sister Toronto kept inviting me when she'd go to the grocery store and it is much more fun going with a friend and English speaker. We go walking for exercise and now we usually take some money with us.

kesli said...

I look forward to seeing the wall paper house. That's got to be interesting.

Garity said...

Gorgeous backdrops! I need to start keeping an eye out for that kind of thing as well but I always seem to be dodging crazy drivers instead of looking at the scenery. Great eye Kelly. Ditto...I want pictures of the wallpaper house too!