Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dollar Beach

This weekend we headed to Dollar Beach. It is about 45 mins from Dili and is amazing.
Chris took that while driving... he's getting good ;)
It was breath taking. You feel like you have been transported to your own tiny little island. There was not a person on the beach aside from us. There was this huge part of a tree that rested right at the waters edge as if someone had hauled it there to do a sports illustrate photo shoot haa!
To bad Chris had to settle for me right wink wink
The kids loved how shallow and warm the water was
Abbers even stayed in the water most of the time
She loved splashing and even tried to dunk her face a few times. I think she will be swimming on her own before the boys
Meredith was kind enough to suggest a family pic in the water and took the camera from me-- what a rare treat to get everyone in the picture. Who cares if everyone was looking, I was just tickled to be in it!
Liam has been really sweet with Abby lately. He shares his blanket and tries to give her fruit snacks. I think it is because they are getting some one on one time while sam is at school. He gave her plenty of hugs at the beach
She is still deciding how she feels about this new attention
The boys mainly wanted chris and I to be turtles and climb on our backs
Amanda liked this idea and was soon having Jan be a turtle too
The boys eventually figured out how fun the tree was to climb on.
Sammy liked the little seat at the bottom
It was an incredible morning. On the drive home Sam kept asking if he was going ot have to take a nap when he got home. We told him he could just rest in the car. 2 minutes later he looked like this:
Unfortunately even with sunscreen we all got a little burned (Abby only a tiny bit) I was dying last night... needless to say a sun shade tent from Amazon will soon be here :)


Jan/Mom/Grandma said...

That is a beautiful beach!!..!! It looked like a wonderful day at the beach. Abby is cuter and cuter every time I see her- if that is possible. Of course the boys are adorable already. It was a real treat to see all 5 of you together. One odf these days we are going to be able to skype at the same time. How wonderful that Liam and Abby are starting to be buds since they have some bonding time each week. Ciao, bellisima familia

The Gardener said...

I am queen of the burn! Best thing I ever found is, get this, Noxema! Plaster that all over until it stops absorbing the heat then wipe it off with a cool cloth and reapply. Works everytime!

Could you stop posting gorgeous pictures? You're about to have half of America join you!

Patty Girl said...

That beach really is amazing! So gorgeous. It totally looks like that tree was put there specifically for pictures. I love the family pic of the kids on your backs. It is such a "memory" picture if you know what I mean. Like you will look at it in 10 years and it will bring back a flood of memories. I love your awesome posts!