Friday, March 19, 2010

Deer in the headlights...or at least my cameras flash

Sam and I were so shocked when our neighbor brought out the deer.
It was so funny (in a sad way) to see Sam so afraid of such cute timid little animals.
I have noticed that he often brings them out to snack on the grass.
In the end Sam got his sucker and I missed out on getting a picture of Sam anywhere near the dear.
(it was a blow pop and to be honest I had been saving it in my purse for me-- I LOVE blow pops... I think it was worth it though:))
I was lucky enough to have a different cool photo shoot prop though at my latest session. A gorgeous blue boat! I got to take pictures for Tiavan and Oan for their Daddy's birthday! What a fun surprise.
There are more pics on my photo blog but seriously... how huge are these cheeks
and how cute is Tiavan-- he is looking for the lighthouse...
Jean (pronounced the French way) is a gorgeous mommy and I LOVED hearing her speak French to the boys. It is so cool how many bilingual children we have.
Just among the American expats we have, French, Dutch and Swedish. It really makes me wish I had worked harder on my French (see post about regretting actions as a teenager haaa!)


Jan said...

So why is Sam wearing glasses? Surely they are not his, right? Cute pics Kelly. I sent a package to you today to the Dili address so keep track and let me know when you receive it.

Garity said...

Only an amazing mom would share a blow-pop with her son that she was saving for herself. I love it.

Your neighbor has deer!?!?! That is so cool! Ours has an apartment...not so cool. Only a few more weeks and we are out of here. Did you hear about the consulate couple in Juarez? Yea, it's not fun here any more.

Chris said...

Just as a note Sam doesn't ware glasses. Those are Kelly she put on him last minute.