Friday, March 5, 2010

What a great mail day means around here

We had a fabulous mail day yesterday. 13 box's. Oh how I love you Amazon, William Sanoma and Anthropologie. Things got a whole lot better around here.
My heart beat a little faster when I saw this one:
But I made myself save it for last.
Our cold tile floors got a little softer for Abby to learn to crawl on:
I LOVE the smell of sissal, when our last rug gets here I will be able to smell it in every room.. which is great since we have no yummy smelling candle here.
And Abby seems to really like the texture. This is her thinking "man mom you are so crazy with that camera"
Snack time got a little yummier (and less stale)
We will probably go through these in about two weeks:
Outside time got a little wetter
Music time got a whole lot noisier and we can invite a lot more friends
Cooling down with a cold healthy treat only takes 7 minutes instead of hours (patience: I will not learn you-- technology is just too advanced)
Even our fridge got some lovin' and looks a little happier thanks to a friends winter card
And what is great is that even after the box's are open and the items put away, we find fun and crazy ways to enjoy the mail!
Finally I went to the one I was most excited for. Sam had been wanting to open it the whole time because I had separated it from the others, and told him is was special for mommy. "ohhhhh is it special toys?" "Nope something pretty" "Oh pretty toys?"
What does it say about your clothes when you would rather stain them then your apron?
Add in new diapers (Abby is still cloth 80& of the time but night time calls for a disposable in this house), mosquito repellant patches, a rash guard/ sun shirt for chris and badda bing badda boom, best mail day to date!


Z. Marie said...

Totally cute apron! Have you seen these? It's a company owned by BYU alumni (I read about it in BYU Magazine awhile back).
And yay for boxes! I'm not sure we've ever gotten 13 boxes in one day, but it's probably been close.

Katie said...

How exciting! I bet you are ready to shop online again to get more packages. We do disposables at night too.

passport in my pocket said...

awww, such cute photos! loving that apron.

ppsssst. not sure if you've entered yet, but I'm giving away an Anthropologie scarf on my blog right now. ends tomorrow @ midnight. good luck!

Heidi said...

oh, i love/hate anthropologie. I like to look at stuff there and scan their clearance-occasionally make a purchase. I had nate buy me an apron there and it is totally trashed and looks awful now. I'm not sure you are supposed to actually cook in those aprons. Now I just want a heavy duty thick one like the one I have for Nate (that he never wears- but is a bit too big for me). My next stop for an apron will possibly be a professional cooking store- or if I can find a smaller heavy duty one at Ikea (where I got Nate's). I already own about 5 that are hanging in my kitchen (and a few more that are with my ceramic stuff) but I love them- and cannot cook without one on. It would probably be great to make a really basic one (with pockets) using indoor/outdoor fabric for upholstery. Maybe you could make some when you get your sewing machine and I'll buy some from you (because I love my sling you made me!) I'm bad- I could just make one myself if I set my mind to it!- but it might be a whole new market- cute aprons that are supposed to get dirty!

Orazie said...

how exciting to get so many packages. I was actually thinking about getting the ZOKU from Williams Sonoma myself let me know how it goes!!

Leah Miller said...

Love the series with your little girl.