Monday, March 29, 2010

Its Just Sitting there... waiting

I am probably the ONLY person who does this but have you ever gone onto one of your favorite clothing sites and put EVERYTHING you would buy if you had unlimited resources into your cart... just to see how much it would actually total too? Tonight I did that at Lands End Canvas. Now that heaping cart is just sitting there in cyber space. I doubt I will ever purchase any of it (much to my dismay). I just can't believe how expensive clothing has become. There is NO way I could afford back to school shopping on only a baby sitting salary anymore. Welp, better not quit my day job, a wonderful place where they couldn't care less what I am wearing so long as I will run around screaming as either a dinosaur or Bebop (our families word for Robot). I love my job.


Olivia Jewell said...

You're definitely not the only one who does that... in the world of poor mommy's I think we all like to torture ourselves in such a way. :) I sure miss you guys. Reading your posts is so amazing. You guys are experiencing so much. Here we're just experiencing ... Hillbillies. :)