Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Pataya

This weekend we went to one of the MANY resturants right along beach road and really enjoyed it! We heard that it had a "play place" and were very interested in seeing what that meant. I am still a little nervous to take my camera places (chasing three cuties aorund leaves me a little distracted, a perfect target for anyone wanting to lift things) so the pictures aren't the best but you'll get the point. The boys liked that they had "beds"
and this was the view from my spot on the bed
and this was the play place.
The boys had so much fun in the little house. I just laughed thinking where else in the world would a play place be located ten feet away from gorgeous blue water with an island in the background... okay so maybe a lot of places (I am sure in Hawaii or Thailand... or California) but it is still pretty cool. The food was pretty good. The bread was amazing and they whipped us up some crazy good Humus to dip it in. I really think the only draw back is the same at most of these places, the mosquitoes. Because of the heat the are open to the outside so the ocean breeze can cool down patrons. But that just means lots of spray and keeping Abby covered head to toe. We will certainly be returning though, the cuties have already requested to go back "to the one with the play place" -- take that McDonalds and Burger King!
PS this weekend is the Alola Festival which I am REALLY excited for. Che Che is coming to watch the kiddos so Chris and I can really enjoy all the vendors and I can take lots of pictures without worrying that Liam has followed a stray dog away or Sam is touching something he shouldn't be :) It is put on with the support of our partners is crime USAID, woo hoo for helping out the local economy!


Robyn Reynolds said...

That play place looks fun. I'm so glad you guys are having such a good time.