Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Strange things are a foot at the circle K

Ten bucks to anyone (besides Felicity) who can name the movie that is from... Seriously though there have been a lot of things going down at the Crawford house. Liam has decided he doesn't want to wear a diaper, about half the time. But 100% of the time does not want to go numero dose in the potty. Sweet. He also decided (and I tend to agree) that he needed a hair cut. We found this out after Sam yelled into me "Mom Liam has scissors!!!" I came running and asked Liam what he cut "Ma Hayuh" Awesome. I thought you only had to worry about that with girls. Sam and Liam have a THING for cutting. They LOVE to cut paper. So I sat them down that night for some supervised cutting and to fix Liam's hair. When I told him I was going to cut it he said "oh, I help you" and tried to start cutting again.... grrrr.
When I dropped Sam off at school today his teacher said "so Sam is REALLY animated. Whats with all the cool voices he does? Does he get his expressions from you? He kind of reminds me of an old man with some of the things he says... Its really fun" I think she tacked that last part on as the look of horror took over my face. "I mean he is just so grown up the way he talks but still makes jokes and does funny things." At this point I had to restrain myself from pointing to the cute boy across from Sam who wore a tail everyday to school and say "yeah I would be more worried about that guy"... not that his teacher is worried or anything, just if you want to talk about weird behavior wearing a tail everyday is a pretty good jumping off point
And finally Abby. Well she will tell you herself through pictures because posts without pictures are lame:


Elizabeth Moon said...

Haha. Love it. Atticus has been telling me he wants to cut his hair, too. That's the problem with me cutting his hair myself, I guess. He figures mommy can do it, so can he! I love Abby's show and tell! What a cute jumper. I assume you made it?

Jaci said...

Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure! I showed my niece and nephews that movie, and now everytime we pass a gas station they say that line! I LOVE it!

Jaci said...

Oh, by the way, I don't want the ten bucks... :), I just like answering trivia. I love seeing the updates on your blog!