Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Brief Aside from Bali trip details- Glee makes me Giddy

I am an extremely competitive person. I think I get it from my Dad. I think for the most part this is a good thing. I like to do things right and if I am doing it with other people I want to do it the best. If you became my friend after my move to UT you probably didn't know that I was quiet the singer for the majority of my youth. My parents were great about paying for my lessons, carting me around to California State Choir competitions, practices etc. I loved being in musicals and dancing around singing my little heart out. I was lucky enough to have incredible music teachers who really helped cultivate this interest and my singing buddy Ana and I were even in the high school madrigals while still in Junior High. My parents really enjoyed (at least I think they did) coming to concerts and plays. I of course figured I would go to BYU and become a Young Ambassador then on to Broadway. When my parents moved us to UT being the braty teenager I was I thought the biggest way to punish THEM was to stop singing. Wow was that so ridiculous or what... but when you are a teenager you do a lot of things that are ridiculous right? ANYWAY I think that is why I am so in love with the show Glee. I think it is fabulous! The characters are hilarious. I love how competitive Rachel is and how nasty Sue the cheerleading coach is! Going back to my competitive streak I have NOT been able to get myself motivated to work out lately. I have ZERO excuse since I have a full time "assistant". I just haven't been able to kick it into gear. Well tonight I downloaded the Glee soundtracks and I think I finally got my kick in the bootie. I love running with my ipod and with music like this those pesky pregnancy pounds better start melting off. If anyone has any other ideas about tapping into the competitive drive while working out by yourself let me know ;) And do yourself a favor watch Glee then get the soundtrack!
(Chris took the pic for me, I am teaching him how cool it is to shoot in manual)
PS Mom and Dad all those years are paying off, the boys love that I sing to them before bed every night, and can you think of a better audience?


Heidi said...

should have told you about our wellness challenge. It was on my blog- but I should have invited you to do it. It requires 45 min of exercise a day- i usually put in about an hour- but on those days that the kids have just done me in and I don't want to work out- i count our walk to the bus stop and back and throw in 20 min or so of yoga- so it does keep me doing a little more on those days when I feel like i don't have it in me. The next time they do it you should join in. Money is always motivation for me!