Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend BBQ and of course MAIL!!!

This last weekend we thought it was about high time we had a group BBQ. We have a large Gazebo with a huge grill and three sets of tables and chairs. It is all nice and covered and, well it is just awesome. There is a flat screen and a DVD player complete with sound system, just in case you want to kick it and watch a movie. We filled up the pool, hooked up the slip n slide and had a blast. We finally received the boards I had ordered that make you go extra fast and cushion your pumping on the slip N slide. At first the cuties couldn't figure it out
So Christopher gave them a little helping hand
They all really liked this.
Luckily Briggs came soon and showed them how you are supposed to do it. Not that they then could actually do it themselves but at least it gave Christopher a break. Eventually they go bored and headed to the pool.
The Hiemstra's bought a HUGE thing of yummy meat (which is VERY hard to find here) and cut it up into lots of steaks. Chris and I got fresh (caught that morning fresh) fish from our friend Peters NGO. It was soooo good. And I don't like fish so that is really saying something. Jean brought an amazing fruit salad (mangos, kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, oranges-- not a can insight haa) And Nicola was kind enough to share from her Amazon stash of goodies. Food that comes in the mail takes on a whole new meaning here. For instance, this last week we recieved 3 awesome packages from friends. One came the day before St. Patricks day and was from Sams buddy Atticus. The boys were so excited to open it (sorry for the awful pix I was using Chris's point and shoot because I was to excited about the package to break out my camera and snap a lens on)
I love that you can see them gasping. It had a great St. Patties day Garland and sign and some Leprechauns gold! Thank you so much Moon family! We also got to open a package from my wonderful friend Kerstin. As if it wasn't enough that she was coming to visit us in May she also sent Girl Scout cookies AND two big bags of M&M's... I had to hold my breath to not cry of happiness. The joy continued when we opened the 3 package from Cady, Jarrett and Quinn. The boys were so excited to find Thomas the train rings, cool stickers, and I received some gorgeous personalized stationary. This was perfect because there is no where to purchase any sort of cards or anything and I NEEDED some thank you notes... now Cady is going to get one right back! I really do feel like a missionary here because packages have taken on a whole new meaning. It makes me want to send more to Chris's parents.... now to figure out what to send them from Dili haa!


Cady said...

glad you got some chocolate from kerstin, i was gonna stop and get you some of those three musketeers wafer thingys that you like, but sent it off too quickly...mail is the best!