Monday, March 29, 2010

Double Rainbow

This weekend at the tail end of our dinner we saw a rare sight for Timor-- a rainbow! And there were two of them! Of course I sprinted into the house to get my camera, almost breaking my neck on the slip N side.
It isn't a great picture but I have no idea how to make it lighter without loosing the rainbow, oh well. (this is our backyard by the by... awesome picture of it)
The kids had a blast again with their buddies. This weekend we added Carmen and Oskar to the mix. Their dad works with Chris. Carmen also goes to the same school as Sam but is in the morning. She is ADORABLE.
Since she has lived all over the world, and her mom is Portuguese, British and brazilian all rolled into one, she has this darling unplaceable accent. I wanted her to talk to me all night... but the crocodile was more fun, its understandable
Meredith suprised me with flowers from her garden. It was much appreciated as I had just been thinking the day before how there was no where to buy flowers in Timor so it would be two years without them.
Another lovely weekend.


kesli said...

Are those purple boots in the background there on purpose? They look fantastic back there.

Is that your house? I can't wait to see pictures of your house.