Friday, March 12, 2010

The Box says 5 and up

But man are they wrong. Sam and Liam have been having a blast on the slip n slide we got in the mail this week.
I was a bit hesitant at first and figured if nothing else they could just run around on it and enjoy the sprinkler effect. But the minute they saw the box they started talking about sliding. I had ordered little slick boards to go with it but they haven't arrived yet. The boys did great on their own.
Liam is a knee guy
He can go pretty far and looks like a rockstar how he slides.
Sam really wanted to "do it like on the box"
But he couldn't really get how to fling his little body onto the ground haa! I of course ended up showing him, fully clothed, and realized just how good of an idea those inflatable slick boards are. It really hurts to run and slam your body onto the ground.
At first I couldn't figure out how to hook our hose up since here in Dili hoses are just cut into lengths and don't have metal parts to attach to the spicket. I sat there holding it for a while getting completely soaked through. Of course our sweet gardner noticed and came running over. He brought out a smaller hose and rigged it together with this rubber strip and totally made it work. Even with the boys splashing into him
He is such a nice guy. Chris and I refer to him as the smiley gardner because he always grins and waves as we come on and off the property. He even came back and re rigged it for me after about an hour and a half of play time. While he did that the boys decided they needed a break.
Its hard work sliding! Thankfully I paid close attention to how smiley gardner hooked it all up so I was able to do it again this morning. The boys had their buddy Amanda over to a slip n slide pool party. It was also great practice for me and doing in motion photography. It had a blast getting Sam in focus and Liam blurred and vice versa... or the water in focus and everything else blurred. What can I say even here in the middle of nowhere you have to find ways to hone your skills :) And thank you once again Amazon for making our weekend so much fun!


Robyn Reynolds said...

Those action pictures are so good. The boys and baby girl are looking so cute

Jan said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Way to go Kelly! and I love your blog on making a fool of yourself. We can all relate to that one. Your children are all so photogenic. I tried skyping you and also Chris this morning, 3:30 ish your time but no luck. One of these days we'll connect.

K Miller said...

I am so jealous to see you enjoying warm, sunny weather. Send some this way.

Katie said...

Hi Crawfords!

I was on the LDS FS page on FB (wow, those are a lot of acronyms!) and saw that you were in East Timor which for people like us, is close by as we are in Surabaya. ;)

I love your website. Your pictures are just stunning! It is a goal of mine to learn about photography so I found myself lost in your breathtaking images. May I ask, did you take classes or are you self taught? Is there a book or website you recommend?

Anyway, take care and perhaps someday we will cross paths.