Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why is Sam dressed like a nerd?

Thats what Chris asked me when he got home the other night... Aww I thought he looked sooo cute. I had been dying to do a photo shoot in front of our neighbors gate. Sam's birthday is coming up and I thought it would be fun to get some shots of just the big brother! Now if you are into the "urban chic" look in your photography then Dili East Timor is for you. Rusted gates? Ornate buildings that are half falling down? Green walls, yellow walls, blue walls even pink-- we have ALL of that and a lot more. The entire city was basically burned to the ground a decade ago and it shows. Chris was kind enough to watch Abby and Liam while I walked the 100 yards (Our guard was kind enough to stand and watch to make sure no one tried to steal my camera.)
He stood there and said cheeeeeeeeessssssseeeee- one word twenty seconds. Then asked "are we done?"
I said "sam just look relaxed"
He literally scrunched up his face and said "What means relaxed."
Me: "You know comfy and happy, think about playing trains"
Sam: "Ummmm"
Me: "Okay just be your fun silly self"
Me: "You don't HAVE to stick your tongue out to be silly"
Sam: "Yeah, but its funny. Can I have my sucker now?"
Thats when the owner of the house came out and brought out his pet... A mommy and baby deer! He asked If I wanted them in the picture. Sam's eyes went huge and started running for our house. Because Deer are nothing if not TERRIFYING, especially the tiny baby fawns. Luckily Chris was coming out right then with Abby and Liam to check on us and Sam could cling to his daddys leg while I thanked our neighbor for the offer. (I am still trying to upload the pics of Sam and the deer... our internet has been weird lately and doesn't let me upload pictures anymore- boo hoo.) Anyway, how random is that? Seriously Dili gets odder and odder the longer we are here-- in a good wow what is going to happen today way.


Chow and Russ said...


Cady said...

I love the turquoise rusty wall. Sam looks so grown up! I MISS YOU! Can't wait to see the deer...

Leah Miller said...

OH MY!!!! That has got to be the cutest little outfit I've ever seen. LOVE IT! Please tell me you bought that in the U.S.??? The pics are great as always.

Elizabeth Moon said...

I love these! Are those his glasses? I love all the new posts!

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Garity said...

Love these pictures! There is something fantastic about the picture backdrops in 3rd world countries right? I haven't taken advantage of it here in Mexico at all and I should since these pictures of yours are inspiring.