Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christophers Commute

Christopher has an amazing job. We remind ourselves OFTEN that it is very rare to have your dream job be the first job you ever get. Because of the long hours Chris works (being VERY sarcastic here, he works 8:00-5:30) he gets up a little early to go work out in the Gym at the Embassy. His commute to work is a rough one... when he walks out the gate he sees this:
(this is the "pier" right in front of our house. It is actually a gas line where they pump in petrol for the local stations... kids love to jump off the large hunk of concrete to the right of it)
then he turns and walks down the sidewalk, listening to the waves roll in and out for about 100 meters, until he FINALLY reaches the gate of the Embassy. Usually on his walks in the sun is just coming up over Cristo Ray (where the mountains meet the sea and there is a huge Christ statue)
I love the preggy mommy walking with her little boy on the beach.
If you are under 40 and above 16 here-- you are probably pregnant... yesterday within five blocks I counted 8 preggy ladies walking down the street.
All along beach road there are boats, tons of fishing boats turned upside down waiting for their owner to come drag them out.
I love the vast array of colors and often they have fun names painted on the side. When Chris is done working out he often sees early morning fisherman dragging in their boats and nets with their catch for the day:
One more look at the pier and tadda he is home:
He commented yesterday that he can't even listen to an entire song on the ipod, his commute is so short... poor guy, I really feel for him :)
(Chris took all of these pictures, aren't the gorgeous!)


Jan said...

Love the photos Chris and your running comments Kelly. Always educational as well as entertaining. AND WHAT!! The mission President coming to visit you.OH MY GOSH!! How great is that. Your Sunday meeting looks so nice- wherever 3 are gathered together......and you had 7. You two are bringing good wherever you go.

Garity said...

Tiny Branch is an understatement! And here I thought our little Mexico ward of 20 families was tiny! So I'm guessing you are both the Relief Society and Primary President? Oh that would be so fantastic to have the area opened. I'd be doing the same thing you are doing but add to it already planning menus for when the missionaries come over for dinner (so hush Chris!) As for Chris' commute...nice! Much better than DC! are under 40 and over 16 *wink* *wink*