Monday, September 15, 2008

Attack of the Ginormous Cupcake

This is my first attempt with the new gigantic cupcake mold:

For once in our married life I was not the one to loose our keys. Christopher had misplaced our land rover keys. We only have one set because they are INSANE to buy a second pair. A lady around the corner found them and was kind enough to open the door to the car and place them on the seat with a note! We wanted to thank her and I wanted an excuse to make a huge cupcake so tadah! I really need to figure out how to ice this puppy. It has a cool swirl pattern on the top piece that looks so pretty. I tried doing it with my icing thinger but the tip was to small. Oh well that just means I'll have to try again :)
Tonight the boys had a tickle fest with Chris on the love sac. This involves Chris flinging them in the air and then attacking with tickles.

I don't know which Liam loves more being thrown or watching his brother fly through the air.
Yes once again my boys are shirtless... what can I say they like to show off their abs.
Competition for Liam
Today I was lucky enough to babysit my friend Olivia's sweet little girl Ella. Her name is Ella Jewell... seriously can you get any cuter! Sam LOVED her. He called her yellow the whole time but I don't think she minded.
He gazed at her, showed her is hook for a hand and she was immediately won over...
or at least we'll tell Sam to keep his self esteem up. Liam was soooo jealous. He kept trying to nudge onto my lap :) We took a trip to the park with the boys in the wagon and Ella in the front pack. I must have been stopped by half a dozen people making some sort of comment... of course I did pass a crowded bus stop on the way.
We're Knights-- That's Right
Sam is really into being a knight. He carries around his shield and wears his helmet and fights dragons. It is soooo cute!


Eric and Olivia Jewell said...

So cute Kelly... I'd say a match made in heaven. ;)