Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Today Show In CW

The Today show taped in CW yesterday! Had I known about it sooner I totally would have been lined up at five in the morning :)
(Liam says you are in big trouble!) But Jordan and I "rushed" over there and by the time we got there they were done taping.
(the boys running to be on TV) Since we were already out we braved the insane winds and took the boys for a walk around CW. We headed to the bakery and got cookies and hot chocolate.

It was a nice relaxing walk and I LOVE hot chocolate so I was on cloud nine. After playgroup we met some friends at great harvest for some more cookies... because you can never have to many cookies :)
Sam kept telling me he wanted to eat the flowers.
He also said the same thing about the pumpkins we bought. It is tricky explaining to a 2 year old why they can't eat flowers and pumpkins :) Sam had a wonderful time playing with Elsa and Ethan, but mainly with Elsa's stroller and baby doll.
The cookies were delicious and the conversation wonderful! To top it all off I got to turn on the seat warmers that night! Woo hooo fall has arrived!


Heidi said...

seat warmers make me think i'm peeing my pants. i wish it would cool down here. it was only 108 yesterday...
i put on my cute new green long sleeve today and cranked up the ac so i was not too hot with it on. I wised for fall weather. the kids had hot soup and corn bread muffins for lunch.

LondonCalling said...

Man- all of those guys are getting so big- I remember seeing Elsa when she was the biggest baby I'd ever seen. She is so cute.

Robyn Reynolds said...

Sam and Liam look bigger every day. I am so so so glad you guys are coming home for Christmas so I can spend time with them (and you of course) before they get way too big.