Monday, September 22, 2008

Someone teach me how to knit!!!!

I have never been a huge knitting person. I totally understand the draw... it seems like it would be so relaxing to do it while watching TV at night etc. and you are not trapped behind a rather large machine. I just always picture afghans which I have never been a fan of, so holey and itchy. But when I saw these on one of my fav websites: Warm Biscuit I thought I would die. I want them soooooo bad but simply cannot justify the huge price tag. You throw in the matching knitted sweater and I am practically in convulsions from cuteness. Darn living on a budget!!!! If you are lucky enough to have the mola scoop these up and I will drool with envy. Look at the buttons... the suede bottoms oh my gosh!

By the way they also have the most insanely adorable... well everything but I love this booster!
We ate at an old time dinner in Richmond with Chris's mom and they had these vintage boosters and I was tempted to casually walk out with it. This is almost as cute!


Anonymous said...

Once you learn how to knit...I would like a pair of these. I dont know how but YES it seems like something fun to learn!