Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why I hate the post office

My sister in law Roby just had her first baby girl, Ava (see previous post for adorable photos). I was so excited to have another niece and put together some fun girly things for her. So I spent the week making her and my friend Elizabeth some cute little baby booties. They aren't expensive and they aren't hard to make, but I did put time and some special things into hers
aka I used her grandmothers, and Ava's great grandmothers thread and buttons to adorn them. I packaged up seven pairs and eagerly posted them and paid for double quick delivery. Today she went out front and font the top of the box-- and ONLY the top of the box!! I of course started crying when Chris informed me of the sad news. Of course being the cheapy I am I didn't "splurge" for the dollar insurance so its tough luck I suppose. I still have plenty of supplies but MAN am I ticked at the post office hence this rant:
No other place in the world would you pay for a service and when it is COMPLETELY not provided would you be told that's to bad you should have bought insurance. Now I understand accidents happen but an entire box disappearing come on!!! I have a right mind to go down and yell at some one only I know it won't do any good and in the end I would feel awful for yelling at someone for something they had no hand in. So I hope who ever was lame enough to steal a box of baby shoes is proud of themselves!
Thank heavens my friend Elizabeth is a stunning photographer and she was kind enough to have taken several pictures of very similar booties so I have something to go off. They are included below, and very repetitive for those of you who read her blog, and if you don't you should its great! :) So Roby I will start again and see what I can do and this time I am using UPS!


Heidi said...

he... those are bittie booties... i've made some. So cute!!!.
i made some mary jane style ones- e-mail me if you want picts...

it sucks that they are missing.. they do take some time - i only made 2 pair for my sister.

Robyn Reynolds said...

Those are the cutest shoes. The post office called me back today and said they have no idea what happened and maybe they got caught in the machine. I was so mad and not nice at all to the poor guy talking to me. I was like "So your telling me that you probably ruined my package and there is nothing your going to do about it!" He didn't even say goodbye when he hung up on me but I was so so mad. Sorry you did all that work for them to be so lame!

Nora and Adam said...

THAT IS SO UNFAIR!!! HOw sad. I feel sad and empty inside for you, Kell. Not only is your work being enjoyed by someone who doesn't deserve it, you lost the vintage materials that made your gift extra special and emotionally meaningful.
BUT! I have no doubt you'll be able to create a whole slew of even better footwears for little Ava. XOXO