Monday, September 29, 2008

In search of the Great Pumpkin

Fair warning-- this will be the first of many pumpkin picking trips I am sure (I want to go in a sweater not shorts and a t-shirt :)... now that busch gardens and water country are closed I think it will be my new hang out :) And each time there will inevitably be a picture overload.

I talked Chris into going over to Surrey to pick pumpkins Saturday even though it was blistering hot. Sneaky us also talked our friends the Grady's into going. I also love the drive past Jamestown and then the fun little ferry ride.

(Sam was done being up top, this picture is one of my favorites of him, such a natural smile)
We went up top to look over the river, and then the real fun began-- Seagull feeding, a lot like mortal combat.
I had stocked up on crackers so the boys had fun tossing them onto the end of the boat and watching the seagulls fight over them (think "mine!" from Nemo).
(rare picture of Sam actually looking at the camera)When we arrived I was so excited to see the plethora of pumpkins this season. Liam thought this huge one made an awesome chair,
and this one simply called out to me as if it had been waiting for me to come and take it home, such a good little volunteer (what my parents always call plants, I love it)
What is amazing about College Run Farms is that you get to actually pick everything yourself! They hand you a sharp set of shears (say that ten times fast) and a map of the different rows, Fairytale, Cinderella, Pie, Carving, Moon you name it they plant it.
(Sam on a Cinderella pumpkin)
Even this weird Peanut Pumpkin:
They are kind enough to let you drive your car out to the field for easy load up. The boys has a lot of fun meandering through the rows. Sam was ecstatic to find this cute little pumpkin!
It was pretty small but every few feet he would drop it :) With a little Ughh sound as if it weighed a ton. Liam loves his tummy. He likes to rub it a lot for good luck. Maybe he wanted luck to find the perfect pumpkin!
When I saw these pumpkins:
I immediately thought of my sister Felicity. These are the type of pumpkins she would love. So of course I had to stack them up and take a picture of her youngest Nephew in front of them.
Liam then proceeded to try and either eat or hug the pumpkin who knows which.
If I could mail you one of these Felic I certainly would!
Fun with Photoshop
It was long been a dream of mine to be a photographer. I have no particular extra talent than anyone else that would set me up to be such, but I LOVE taking pictures. So I have been trying to absorb as much as I can from others and try to pick up any tidbits I can. I have also been working on my photoshop knowledge via online tutorials. Last night I messed around with some things and these are the results, kinda funky but kinda cute:
Liam with his pumpkin
Sammy seriously contemplating how to turn this into a coach
Sammys little hand on his pumpkin and the adorable sheers they give children
My favorite. If Liam had been smiling I think I would frame this pic. I don't know why but I just love Chris's eyes in this. He has the most amazing green eyes and although not well conveyed here I feel like his happy go lucky personality is.


Anonymous said...

I love all those pumpkins! The pumpkins that look defected are my fav! Don't you just love this time of the year and Halloween!