Saturday, September 6, 2008

Honorable Discharge for an Honorable Guy!

Christopher is officially out of the military! It has been a strange transition for us. We have GREATLY enjoyed and used the many benefits that being in the military provides. It has saved us monetarily more times than I can count and has been a wonderful source of pride. I will always been impressed with the bench marks that Christopher will have reached by the time he is thirty: Return Missionary, College Grad, Married in the temple to a hot wife :), War Veteran, Three kids (speculation completely we are NOT currently expecting), Law Degree... I mean the list just goes on! I was very happy though that there is now no chance of him returning to Iraq. So to celebrate we of course went to Busch Gardens. This time was exceptionally fun though because...... Liam can go on RIDES! They have a rule that you have to be able to walk to go on the kids rides! No real height restrictions just mobility ones! So we would prove that he could walk then strap him in! Sam was thrilled to have his best bud finally ride with him!

I love Liam's look... "um why are you over there and I am strapped in here?"

While he seemed to like the rides he LOVED the strawberry banana smoothie Chris and I got to share-- but got none of. He would not let it out of his clutches. He proceeded to spill the four dollar smoothie all over himself so Chris attempted to clean him up by moving his legs. Liam was so chill he just left them that way. After the rides we went over to the animal section. I love this series of photos with Chris basically dragging Sam over to the lizard

Liam on the other hand wanted to bring him home.

That evening we were lucky enough to eat dinner with some great old friends the Young's. They were traveling through and stayed with the Lacey's who were kind enough to invite us to a Small BBQ. They have since had a GORGEOUS little girl named Silva. I could not stop taking pictures of her! Their little guy Felix is still so tender. I died when I saw the three boys who rolled around the floors together at playgroup just two years ago.

They are soooo big!


Chow and Russ said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Alicia said...


A few more weeks and we'll be posting the same thing. I can't believe it's almost over - I bet it's a relief, but it's also closing the book on a huge chapter of your life. A little surreal.