Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kendras Baby shower

Our friends the Thornocks are welcoming a baby boy any day now so Leslie and Nora and I threw Kendra a baby shower last week. It was a really fun, low key shower. We hope she enjoyed it! I made coconut cupcakes with raspberries and Terish's red wall made the perfect back ground :) Leslie made to die for chicken bakes and Nora brought a pasta salad that I gorged myself on. Kendra got lots of adorable clothes and accessories. Katy and Hailey won the name that famous baby game (thank you Kerstin for that fun idea!) Olivia brought Ella who was ADORABLE and passed around allowing us all to breathe in that yummy baby smell! I think baby girls smell even more yummy!


Nate said...

beautiful cupcakes and a beautiful photo.
goal: take great pictures of cool food I make so that I look amazing!!! What are blogs for anyhow...not to show off the ramen and cheese sticks I feed my kids!!!!
look for more bragging food picts on my blog. i think it is a noble (tisk tisk) goal for all bloggers.
heidi wrote this