Monday, September 22, 2008

Toddling his way to Two

Liam turned one! I CANNOT believe that a year can go so quickly! He has been such a wonderful baby and is now such an adventurous and inquisitive toddler. He has me on the run ALOT more than Sam-the-most-content-baby ever did. We woke up and had healthy whole wheat pancakes for breakfast.
They were awful, almost as awful as me in this picture.
It was funny because Chris and I both thought they tasted like eating the health food section of the grocery store. So next time I will be trying my friend Heidi's recipe hopefully with better success. We read some fun books and then nap time! That evening we were luck enough to have some wonderful friends over to celebrate. We had his highchair all set up for the main event of cake devouring.
He enjoyed being sang to but when the time to dive into the cake came he got a little icing on his finger and that was it!! He apparently didn't want to get himself dirty.
He did how ever offer his brother a lick...yummmy
He got some fun presents for his birthday. His favorite is the big thing of blocks we got him (Sam is a huge fan also) We also got him this cool stand and dance music thing. He seemed to like it a little yesterday but has walked passed it countless times today without even a second glance so that may be heading back to the store.

The Fam after the party
He loved being sung to over the phone. Of course I didn't hear my phone when Chris's parents called form Paris to wish him happy birthday! UGHHHH! But they left a fun message and we snapped a pick of him listening. Then later in the evening he got a fun call from his cousins the Swanson's and had fun listening to them sing!
It was great to have so many little cuties at the house. I had to snap a pic of Atticus with a frosting mustache!
I loved Fischer Sam and Thomas it was like playgroup with an injection of sugar for them! I loved this picture because it totally says "Dud one year old parties are lame! I am totally 2.5 and way cool :)"

After the party was over we did the official measuring on our little height board. It is so fun to see how much the boys have grown.

I love Liams face. He was so exhausted by the end of the day.

After the boys were bathed I had an extra special experience. My friend Kendra is now 11 days over due. They admitted her on Liam's birthday to get the party started. Nothing was happening though so I took her some party treats and magazines to help with the boredom. What was so neat though was as I walked up the stairs to the maternity ward I thought about how a year ago exactly Liam was placed in my arms. I think about that moment and my eyes immediately well up with tears of joy.
The days my boys were born were such miraculous days. Just when you think your heart is full it swells with more love and attachment then you ever thought possible. Motherhood truly is the most amazing gift and I am sooooo grateful to be blessed with our two little boys! Some day when you are reading this I want you to know that I love you so very much Liam you have been such a blessing for our family.


Heidi said...

I was wondering how big that cup cake really was when you first posted it- now that i saw it next to your kids i realized it is HUGE.