Friday, September 19, 2008

It's my party and I'll sleep if I want to

We had a mini celebration at playgroup for Liam's birthday. It was also Jade's birthday (one of the few little girls in the playgroup) this week also so her Mom also brought cupcakes :) The boys had a yummy snack out on Miss Terish (as the kids call her) deck where it could be hosed down easily. They totally dug the sprinkles and Barbara was nice enough to allow them to keep loading up their cupcakes with them.

Apparently all this excitement REALLY tuckered Liam out though because once we finished and I put him in the swing to play he totally zonked right out.
He remained asleep all the way home through the transfer in and out of his carseat-- you moms know how miraculous that is, and proceeded to take a two hour nap! I say we should have cupcake parties everyday :)
Copy Cat

Sam really likes to wear the same color jamies as Liam. If they can't perfectly match then they at least has to be in the same "theme" aka dinosaur or feety etc. I finally caught them on film the other morning in their "matching" red PJ's. Both are Pottery Barn Kid rejects purchased for super cheap at Down East in UT. It pays to have boys with somewhat common names! I can't wait for christmas break to stock up again!