Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flower Power

Around the corner from my house there is an amazing patch of wildflowers. There is a sign for the city Gardner's that reads "Wild Flowers DO NOT MOW!" Throughout the year different flowers bloom. Recently a huge batch of orange flowers popped up. I have been dying to go and take some pics of the boys in them. I talked Elizabeth into going with me this week and teaching me some ropes on my new camera. Christopher was kind enough to go with me today to get a little practice in and run a dress rehearsal on clothes. I am soooo glad we did. As it is not sweater weather here yet (it is going to be 99 tomorrow! UGHHHHH) I put both the boys in sweaters from last season haaaaa! So Liam is in a 3-6 month sweater and Sam in an 18 month. They look okay but towards the end Chris made the wise choice of taking them off. Liam was fairly grumpy through out the process. He has been upset the past few days and we don't really know why. In some of the photos he looks down right angry at the flowers:
In this photo I don't know if he has just resigned himself to his brothers love or is sobbing to him about how he hates these photo shoots. Either way they are sure cute together!
While I was able to snap a few good ones I am really excited to get a little lesson. Below are some of my favs and then I updated our slide show with the rest :)
There are two sequences in the slide show I love in particular. When we first started Liam tried to eat a flower. It is so cute to see him bite it, taste it and spit it out. The other one I love is of Sam finding a bug on one of the flowers. He was so excited and watched it for a while, moving the flower around, and then shook it. I tried to explain that we don't want to make bugs mad and not to shake them out of their homes, but he just looked at me and tromped away.
After the shoot we ate dinner at Poncho Villa. We hadn't been there before and were pleasantly surprised. I LOVED my quesadillas and the boys like the rice and beans and the fans on the ceiling. I think they inherited my easily amused trait. Sam proceeded to smother Chris with Kisses and at one point tried to lick his head--- yeah we let him know that was pretty gross.
I also fooled around with color tinting when I got home. I don't know how much I like it but I thought the flowers were so gorgeous. This is my first attempt:


Kristin said...

Oh my gosh...I love love love these pictures!! They seriously so stinking cute! You'll definitely have to get some of Lucy and Reese when we make it out there!

Kevin and Leslie Grady said...

Kelly - these pics are amazing! I love the wildflowers here in Williamsburg! I am glad that you are getting to know your camera - It looks like it can take some AWESOME pics!

Anonymous said...

Super cute photos! Nothing like brotherly love! You are just so darn talented and i love it!

Heidi said...

i know you recently got a new camera- what kind did you go with. i'm tired of how i have a bad pause when i take photos... maybe if i read the manual on mine i can fix it- but next Christmas a new camera is on my list...