Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Clean Sweep

Now that Liam is one I thought it was time to pack up his summer/small clothes and organize the boys closest's for fall. I was concerned that everything would drown him since Sam and he are exact opposite seasons but I think we will be okay. I didn't realize what an overwhelming task it would be until I had all the box's in the toy room.
These are just Sam's hand me downs... not the clothes in Sam's closet or the baby clothes that Liam has grown out of... I think my worries were unfounded. Liam helped me sort through the clothes letting me know what he liked and didn't like.

This is midway through the process.
Once both boys were up there was no way I could work on it so the toy room remained a disaster for a while. Finally though it was all folded and put away. Due to the fact that our place is pretty small and has zero (I literally mean zero) extra closests and we don't have enough room in the actual bedrooms for dressers, the closest space has to maximized. it was ncie to finally get it taken care of. Now that all the sweaters are out and ready we just need the weather to cooperate!


Heidi said...

i just did this a few months ago-maesyn's clothes are handed down to her two girl cousins and jake's to his one boy cousin- but i am anal and like to have them in either pink or green totes labeled by size. Jake "helped" me with this task earlier this summer. he thought it was his job to throw all of the clothes out of the totes after i had them sorted. once it was all said and done it was nice to have all of the kids clothes sorted. their whole closet is filled with pink and green totes and there is just enough space below the hanger rod to fit their tiny clothes that they currently wear.
i'm glad you survived.

Kristin said...

Good for you! Can I hire you to do mine :) I don't even dare open the closet anymore 'cause I know the massive mess that awaits.