Friday, September 19, 2008

Hot Commodities in the Crawford House

The Saga of the White Shovel
See that shovel? That shovel has caused more brawls in our house than ANYTHING else. We don't care about toys, remotes, food or even most trains nearly as much as that precious white shovel. We found it while at Cape Henry inn a few months back. Have you ever read that story about the Wimmicks with their box's and balls? That is totally the same instance here. There is nothing particularly cool about this shovel, it doesn't do anything any other shovel couldn't do, but simply because Sam has it Liam wants it. The fact that Liam wants it makes Sam even more protective. When Liam wakes up from his nap, he will run to the basket and look for it then proceed to walk around the house with it! Nora has already saved out necks once when we left "the precious" at kidsburg. Well it is missing again and the kids are none to happy about it. We tore our house apart looking for it and it has yet to be located. So for now Sam will have to sleep with something else and Liam will make do with this much less cool yellow shovel. In the meantime we will be putting up reward posters soon :)

The Cars Chair

For Sam's second birthday his good buddy Fischer got him a super comfy cars chair. It usually resides in between the couch and the love sac a perfect place to kick back (with the white shovel) put your feet on the train table and watch whatever show you suckered mom into putting on. Liam loves to climb in and out of it and Sam loves to sit on Liam when he is in it. This chair is so coveted that Liam actually bit Sam to try and get him out of it! Sam usually tries to defend his precious chair by nudging Liam away with is foot. Either way I have GOT to find another chair like this, our household would be a much happier place :)