Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rise and Shout the Cougars are Out

although they were unfortunately not on a trail to fame and glory. We attended the William and Mary VS BYU women's soccer game Thursday night. It was a BLAST. Chris and I joked that it is a somewhat sad commentary that this was the funniest night we had had in while :) We decided to split the boys between the two Alma maters. We already had a great William and Mary jersey for Liam to wear and since I didn't have enough time (or mola) to order anything BYU for Sam I photoshoped up a shirt for him! So donning our teams colors we pulled into the parking lot and knew immediately we were not going to be alone. It was a sea of minivans! The Mormons have arrived! We should have just made it a stake activity. It has got to be nice to be a BYU athlete because where ever you go you have built in fans! Sam found his best bud Fischer and was in heaven the rest of the night. When we had to make a quick trip to the car they grabbed hands to cross the road. We walked in front of a BYU Idaho tour bus and I literally thought people were going to fall out of the windows waving to the boys. I know they thought it was as cute as I did to see to little guys clutching each other in opposing team garb.

We had purchased team color pompoms and a mega phone for the boys to play with. They loved tossing them around when we scored and telling GOAL!They spent the majority of the time testing how close they could get to the field, laying on the rope and playing under the bleachers. Sam did discover porta potties and announced he would pee pee in the toilet and oddly enough I didn't take him up on the offer.
Liam adored the clapping and cheering.
He especially liked when BYU scored and the fans sang the fight song. I love this picture of him because it shows how tiny he is to be toddling around. He was also totally amazed by the crowd singing. I swear he drifted off to sleep clapping that night. It was a great night with lots of our great friends! And as the man commented in the parking lot at least one of us went home happy.


Chow and Russ said...

SUU plays Texas State (the university in out town) in a few weeks. We are excited to go, and I'm pretty sure we'll be the only fans there.