Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kendra-- So Close!

Kendra was kind enough to provide me with another photographic learning experience. She met Elizabeth and I at the beautiful flowers where we took the boys earlier. Elizabeth took what I am sure are amazing photos and I photo stocked her trying to soak up what I can. (hence Kendra is looking at Elizabeth the pro not me in most of the pics :)) These are the few that I took.

Thanks Kendra for being such a good sport five days AFTER your due date and.....
in the rain! You look fabulous! Of course I had to mess around with a color tint, she was wearing such a cute bright sweater!

The rest that I took are in a slide show at the top... I think :) You never know where stuff is going to end up sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with the booties! They are so adorable! Did you make up the pattern or did you find it? Please teach me how to make such a cute thing! Gosh, I love you and your ways!