Monday, September 29, 2008

Hot Chocolate and Toast

Chris and I have this neat system worked out for the weekends. We take turns being the one to get up with the boys in the morning (usually around 7:30ish really not to bad) The other gets to sleep in until Liam goes down for his morning nap, usually around 9ish. Then the person who got up early goes back to sleep until Liam gets up. Well this Sunday I got to sleep in until 9:30!! Then I was up and needed to entertain Sam. I was also hungry though and none of the cereals we had looked good. So I decided to introduce Sam to what I consider an Irish snack. when I was little and would go visit my Granny and Grandad in the evening after dinner we would have toast and hot chocolate. My mom has done a good job of keeping up this tradition and I LOVE IT. Although it has been raining like a monsoon here it is still blistering hot, so I cranked the AC a little and pretended that it was in fact fall, as it should be, and we got out our hot chocolate maker and toaster and went to work. Sam loved putting in all the ingredients

and pushing the buttons.
I put peanut butter on our toast and asked sam if he wanted bananas on his. He said no that he wanted pawcorn and went ahead and put a few on his toast-- hey to each their own!
Eventually we were all up and ready to go to church. The boys were looking far to daper not to take a picture. (We trimmed Liams hair that morning and had to put it pookie-uppy as my nephew cooper calls it).


Kevin and Leslie Grady said...

We have the same hot cocoa maker and LOVE it! We use it ALL the time in the fall and winter and broke it out the other day when it wasn't quite so hot...I can't wait until it is officially sweater and hot chocolate season!

By the way - the boys looked adorable on sunday!