Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tag Your It!

I have never actually been tagged before… to my knowledge. Nora tagged me though and I am wondering if they are like chain letters that if you don’t do it you will have bad luck. As I already have HORRIBLE luck I figure why chance it:
I am: Kelly Marie Crawford not Murphy Crawford just Crawford. I understand why women keep their names I just feel like this is my family now so be it all the way.
I think: ALL THE TIME! It is extremely hard for me to fall asleep at night: the boys, sewing projects, cupcake store, trips, and pictures. I am constantly thinking— about once a week I take a unisom to get some actual sleep.
I know: The Church is true (honestly how can that not finish that sentence ;)).
I want: The world I want the whole world I want to wrap it all up in my pocket it’s my bar of chocolate! ... Okay so right now I would settle for an actual bar of chocolate!
I have: the most adorable boys in the WORLD!!! Bar none!
I wish: there was no such thing as money
I hate: debt (just not enough to stop spending apparently)
I miss: Ireland, Mom and sisters. Thank goodness I will be seeing all of them within the year.
I fear: ANYTHING bad happening to my boys
I feel: Content—a really nice feeling
I hear: Liam slobbering on a ball and babbling
I smell: My clean laundry—which is deliciousness laced with guilt due to the fact that I have yet to put it away.
I crave: Food: Cosi’s Smell: Rain Feeling: Snuggling with Chris or my boys
I search: For good deals… on anything. I love a good deal!
I wonder: How many kids we will have
I regret: As chris well knows NOTHING I truly do not believe it serves a purpose and makes you feel bad about yourself
I love: Sewing, rolling on the floor with my boys and laughing with Chris late at night. Side note: I LOVE to laugh hence, my love of lame funny movies and appearing easily amused to those around me.
I care: About my boys going to a good college… already I am thinking about it! See #2
I always: say I love you when Chris leaves the house... even for a second.
I am not: sure who I am going to vote for
I believe: I have a special purpose in this life… don’t know what it is yet but hope to someday
I dance: If you can call it that, with Liam and Sam to Backyardigans songs.
I sing: in a store and I’m singing. I’m in a store and I’m singing!....All the time… Liam loves to sing!! It is the best. Mom-- so glad all those years of voice lessons have come in handy :)
I don't always: Eat lunch. It is such a hassle right in the middle of the day
I fight: I don’t really fight… I am passive aggressive, it is not a good thing.
I write: emails, blogs and IM’s to my gorgeous hubby
I lose: My CELL PHONE!!!!! All the time! The only thing I ever lost that I was REALLY sad about was the ring Chris gave me when I came home from the hospital with Sam. It was his birth stone and was in his little bassinett when I went to put him in it.
I win: out on Vacation plans. Chris spoils me that way.
I never: shop outside of the sales section
I listen: To other peoples conversations haaaaa! That’s right I said it! I think it is interesting. It is never anyone I know but I love to think about what other people are going through at the same time as me. I used to think about it a lot as a little girl when planes flew over. I would wonder who was on them and where they were going.
I can usually be found: Target, Walmart, the beach, the backyard, my computer
I am scared: of ANYTHING bad happening to my boys… didn’t I already say that?
I need: a new sewing machine I think Leslie might like having hers back :)
I am happy about: my life and my future!


Kristin said...

Cute post...especially the hat pic, I love it!

The Birches said...

You're probably wondering who from Vegas is looking at your blog! :) It's MARINA! i can't believe how BIG your boys are! When we left you were still pregnant! Your blog is so cute and I can't believe you made those cupcakes for Kendra's babyshower! They look SOOOO good and so hard to make! I miss everyone in Williamsburg! Big hug to everyone!!!!!

Robyn Reynolds said...

Maybe one day can you do a new background on my blog? Now it needs to say Ava :) Hopefully next week we will have some family pictures to add too.

melony.swanson said...

Kel - The boys are looking so big!! Aiden said Sam is to big now mom and Ally just say ooh and ahhh to every picture!! You four are all looking very happy and very blonde (so jealous, why didn't any of mine get that :). We love and miss you much and can't wait utnil Christmas!!!