Monday, September 8, 2008

Jamestown-- Or Pirate Heaven to Sam

On Sunday the boys were getting antsy so we took them to walk around the Jamestown site. Before we could get there though Sam found his yellow shovel and started begging for the beach. When I said "Wait you want to go to the beach?" He did his knew adorable "OK!" that he says now when ever he gets his way, as if I was the one who had come up with the idea and he simply thinks I am brilliant. Of course what started out as a nice walk on the beach soon became "how drenched will mom and dad let us get." Liam definitely looks like Chris but soooo has my personality. He RAN to the water and practically dove right in. (I don't know why I LOVE this picture as much as I do!)
Sam had fun digging for treasure as he always does these days. It wasn't until we showed him the pirate ships that we were going to go see that we could pull him away from the shore. We hadn't been to Jamestown in a LONG time and had I thought about how much Sam would enjoy the "pirate ships" I would have come much sooner. He ran up the gang plank and began poking around. Telling everyone around him that pirates say Arrrr and to "Get off me clean deck" At least I thought it was cute. He poked around for a LONG time until another tourist heard him say arrr and playing around from below deck in a scary voice said "This be my ship who are you!" Sam looked at me and whimpered "I'm scared" and bolted off the ship. On the way back we let the boys pretend to be knights. Liam thought the armor was just a tad immobilizing. Sam totally dug his hat and then proceeded to use a stick to splash a well of rain water in a tree trunk. When I asked him what he was doing he said "I'm cookin"... does it really look like that when I cook? On the walk back to the car a herd (?) of chickens crossed our paths. Sam wanted to look at them but was to scared.. I mean to tough to do it by himself so he had me come along. The rooster looked pretty pleased with himself and wasn't scared of us at all! It was a very pleasant little walk and I will certainly be returning soon!


nora ballantyne harrison said...

what a-MAZING pictures! I love the one of liam heading to the water--it reminds me of those baby sea turtles that scurry forth into the ocean when just born. what a great way to spend a beautiful day.