Saturday, September 20, 2008

College Creek at Sunset

The boys were really rambunctious the other night so we decided to let them go wild at the river instead of our house. It was perfect weather and a beautiful sunset.

The boys had fun digging with their beloved shovels and seeing the ducks who were very friendly. Of course by the end they were both soaking wet.

I swear that next time I am just going to dress them in their swim suits as opposed to hoping they don't jump in like they always do. Liam kept trying to drink the water, which grossed me out a little. Sam found some cool shells and would hold onto them...
Liam also found some cool shells and decided to hold onto them in a less conventional way-- in his mouth.
For once I remembered to take a picture of Chris and I... not to terrible for a self taken shot. Isn't he so cute!

After changing the boys into fresh diapers I had a hankering for some yummy custard so we headed to Rita's. Seen as our boys would break several Williamsburg decency laws if let out of the car we let them have their ice creams in their car seats while we drove home. Sam did a pretty good job, Bro Bro still thinks you eat ice cream cones with your fingers.
He was pretty pleased with himself. And I was pretty pleased with myself after cleaning up the whole car seat mess with only one wipe! Yes! As for the boys they headed straight for the bath and then taught Chris the new cool way to play daddy-horsey before heading to bed.