Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Durham Museum and cracker Barrels

The boys LOVED visiting the museum in Durham (posted about earlier) twice on our recent trip. I really think once we get settled I will be creating a music room. The boys LOVE music and I want to cultivate that... in a nice sound proof room over the garage ;)
They had an amazing room with a big square dissected into little squares. When you would run across each one a new sound was made depending on your speed of movement and weight. It was so fun!
We also discovered that in the South you can count on there being a cracker Barrel at LEAST every 10 miles. The boys loved the food and although I feel like I need to be rolled out of there afterwards I enjoy eating there also. (I thought this pic was funny because it looks like the straw is going right up Sam's nose.) Liam also enjoys to eat the little golf tees on the table. I was engrossed in conversation with Chris and didn't notice he had slipped one in until about five mouth fulls of potatoes later he spat it out on the table. How in the world he ate with it in there I'll never know!